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The last thing you want to deal with after an injury or traumatic event is the paperwork, medical bills, and insurance companies who are looking to protect their rights. A good personal injury lawyer can intervene from the very beginning, representing their client’s best interests while talking with an assortment of third parties. In short, we fight for our clients no matter where we are or who we’re talking to.

At Corbridge Law Office, P.C., we have the experience, diverse skill sets, and personalized plans to get each client what they deserve. Don’t hesitate, call (503) 352-9360 to defend your rights today.

Representation Our Clients Trust

We believe that our constant communication, knowledge of the law, experience, and overwhelming tenacity are invaluable assets for our clients. Our past clients can testify to these attributes.

“No one ever plans on needing legal help, but I was lucky to have turned to Ryan Corbridge. Through what turned into a 3 year battle with my own insurance company, they completely exceeded my expectations and made sure my interests were protected. Thanks to their dedicated approach, we won our case handily! I would fully recommend them for any legal needs if you ever need it. I am thoroughly impressed and satisfied!”

An Advocate and A Lawyer

Corbridge Law Offices, P.C.
Of course, clear communication and trust would mean nothing if we couldn’t get the job done. Luckily, we can, as our track record shows. When finding the right personal injury lawyer, it is important to ask how much experience they have defending against your particular charges. Our attorneys are ready to work for you.

Ryan R. Corbridge, Principal Attorney:

– Ryan has achieved acquittals for individuals charged with DUI, domestic violence, drug manufacturing, drug distribution, drug possession, assault, harassment, coercion, and solicitation charges, among others. He has litigated millions of dollars in personal injury claims as well.

Nathan Sosa, Associate Attorney:

– Nathan Sosa has worked in the legal field for over a dozen years and has devoted his career to protecting the rights of those whose lives have been altered as a result of someone else’s negligence. He has handled hundreds of personal injury cases ranging from automobile accidents to premises liability to wrongful death.

Shannon Powell, Associate Attorney:

– Having worked as a research assistant and certified law clerk at Corbridge Law Offices, Shannon has the knowledge needed to work within our systems and the understanding of our mission of helping you through tough situations. He focuses on Criminal Law and Domestic Violence.

We have a proven history of assessing our client’s monetary needs, crafting a strong legal case, and leveraging our preparation into legal wins for our clients. While we do not seek to draw out a case or make anything more complicated than it has to be, our team is ready to take a case to court and fight if we believe it to be the right course of action.

A Stressful, Complex Situation

Initially, right after a personal injury, the victim will be bombarded with paperwork, calls, and offers to settle. It is a stressful time, right when you need rest and support. Our personal injury lawyers hold these companies and perpetrators accountable. We understand that our clients need holistic advocacy, which is why we speak with insurance adjusters, address medical payments, and write up your history and experiences. We do all of this because it’s our job and we excel at it, but also so you don’t have to.

We have experience handling everything from auto accidents, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, wrongful death, brain injuries, and other obscure but life-altering injuries.

We encourage you to call as soon as you need representation so that we can fully understand your needs and begin working for them. As soon as you hand the battle over to us, you can secure some much-needed peace of mind.

Stop by our offices, give us a call at (503) 352-9360, or fill out an online form to get the process started.

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